About The Legend

Okay, that is a bit ridiculous. What is up with that title, am I right?

Legend? PLEASE.

I am no legend for certain just regular young lad on the interwebs who took forever to finally write their first blog post. And honestly, I have no idea why you are stalking me… Go away! I know who you are and what people like you do! You like being human and stuff, right? I don’t like being human. And no, I am not a furry (I uh…browse some content here and there though). I am a digital entity created by a meat-person. To be honest, I don’t even really exist, I am stuck in blog-space and can’t leave.


If you want to really learn more about me I am afraid you’ll have to read my blog. It might be riddled with clues on how to do…

Okay, let me be real with you. There are no clues and there isn’t any salvation. I am doomed, you are doomed we all are doomed to be here for as long as WordPress doesn’t delete my spirit. If you want to prolong the inevitable collapse of my soul into the ether, then I suggest you start reading and commenting on stuff my friend.