Reading the Inconvenient Indian

custers-last-stand-edgar-samuel-paxsonCuster’s Last Stand

This is a point by point look at the book as I read it and after I read the book. Only a small fraction of my thoughts on this book are here.

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The Argument for Virulent Tribalism

Many people talk about their disposition against tribalism, their hatred for it and all its kin. The top articles on a quick google search show this:  How Tribalism Overrules Reason, and Makes Risky Times More Dangerous, Can Democracy Survive Tribalism, and The Retreat to Tribalism all talking about how tribalism is running society and portraying it as primitive and disastrous to modern glorious civilisation. Especially among the social justice crowd which I myself most would say am apart of. What is it about this word tribalism that brings so many people to arms against? I used to be against it quite a lot too, I identified it with other movements and ideologies I hated: Fascism, Nationalism and Racism. These were all the children of the dreaded Mother: Tribalism. It was a primitive thing, at the time, I believed that one should aspire to love and cherish all people. Today, I think such a thing ridiculous and dangerous, I think such a thing closer to nationalism and fascism than with tribalism.

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Dealing with deadlines

I have always worried about deadlines because I never seemed to be able to do any of the work in anything but the last minute until recently. Now that I feel I can finish the work, I realize just how bad my work unedited is. I now worry about not editing my work enough and I never seem to find all the mistakes and often times miss obvious mistakes even after getting a second third and fourth revision! Which now just makes me worried I don’t have enough time to edit before the deadline! Continue reading Dealing with deadlines

Paraconsistent Logic and Nihilism

Take this statement: This statement is false. Now is this statement true or false? Let’s take the first case, that it is true. If it is true then the statement is false. That would make it false. So obviously cannot be true then since that is contradictory. Now let us take the second case, that it is false. If this statement is false is false then it is true! Ugh! we have gone in circles, no matter what we do whether we say the statement is true or false it is both. This special statement is called the liar’s paradox, and you have probably heard of it in some fashion. Continue reading Paraconsistent Logic and Nihilism

Dealing with hate and love

The bus zoomed past the stop and it seemed as if it was picking up speed.

This is an express stop, next stop: Birchmount

All I could think was–‘OH SHIT!’. I thought it would be me with the last laugh, that it would be me to get there first–but me, it had been my sister.

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An Expansion: The Paradox Of the Ravens

We have all heard of the paradox of the Ravens, for those of us who are not familiar with the paradox I will explain it briefly. The paradox begins with the idea that a scientist looks at a green apple and posits that this is evidence for the hypothesis for the idea that all ravens are black. Now to the beginner, this may not seem to make sense at all. How in the world could this be true? I will tell you why. We must first start with the hypothesis that all ravens are black. If all ravens are black,chrome_2018-01-14_15-04-32 to support this claim a scientist would go out and look for ravens that are not black. On the observation that no ravens that have been found are not black, it makes sense to believe that all ravens are black. 

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Dealing with close-ish family

There is a number of family members people often have and don’t really know that much. You know, the ones you see once a year? Yeah, those ones. Or the ones you maybe see a few times a year. We have all these family members that growing up everyone knows so much more than you, you just can’t relate to them because you have never had as many conversations with them as you have with your friends (and even people many of us call friends we don’t know very well). Continue reading Dealing with close-ish family