An Expansion: The Paradox Of the Ravens

We have all heard of the paradox of the Ravens, for those of us who are not familiar with the paradox I will explain it briefly. The paradox begins with the idea that a scientist looks at a green apple and posits that this is evidence for the hypothesis for the idea that all ravens are black. Now to the beginner, this may not seem to make sense at all. How in the world could this be true? I will tell you why. We must first start with the hypothesis that all ravens are black. If all ravens are black,chrome_2018-01-14_15-04-32 to support this claim a scientist would go out and look for ravens that are not black. On the observation that no ravens that have been found are not black, it makes sense to believe that all ravens are black. 

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Dealing with close-ish family

There is a number of family members people often have and don’t really know that much. You know, the ones you see once a year? Yeah, those ones. Or the ones you maybe see a few times a year. We have all these family members that growing up everyone knows so much more than you, you just can’t relate to them because you have never had as many conversations with them as you have with your friends (and even people many of us call friends we don’t know very well). Continue reading Dealing with close-ish family

Dealing with truth

Every day we spend our time with truth in the background. It pervades our conversations and our lives and yet unless you are some serious philosophy nerd, you will not have considered it deeply at all. And maybe you don’t have to, I always wondered if the reason human beings don’t have to consider something too carefully is if because that thing isn’t well defined. I often think most things are pretty fuzzy in their definitions. Take the colour green for example. What is green could point to something that is green and says that the colour of that thing exhibits the character of greenness, say, grass for example. But would that mean that other things that exemplify the character of greenness aren’t truly green? No, right? So maybe we need a better definition than the one before that better fits the one we ‘mean’ or ‘think of’ when we say green.  Continue reading Dealing with truth

Dealing with Authenticity

It is about two hours after I have celebrated the New Year, and what better way to start it off but with a rant? To most people I know, I have never really been black. I have been to some degree, My skin colour is decently dark and my hair is curly and nappy; otherwise, I don’t sound black, I don’t only like black things, and best of all I don’t act black. I am sure some of the people in the audience have heard this before. Rather I hope you’ve heard all of this before.  Continue reading Dealing with Authenticity

Dealing with bad/dad jokes

Swiping through my Wakie feed, I usually see mountains of lame, very-poorly thought out jokes with many upon many likes more than the jokes I find much better. I have always wondered why this was, is it because dad jokes are easy to interact with? Because they are easy to engage with? To notice as jokes? It could be because there is are large amounts of people of which English is not their first language and so they simply can’t grasp wordplay as well as native speakers.  Continue reading Dealing with bad/dad jokes

Dealing with people from another era

There I was with my headphones on, looking out of the window towards my grand-aunt’s backyard. Holding a glass of fine-high-class/grade orange juice with just the right amount of ginger ale, I swirled it around like a sophisticated wine connoisseur. I was listening to one the hundreds of podcasts that I have downloaded on my phone. I was here because it was Thanksgiving (for those who don’t know that is in November for us Canadians, and it is a special celebration). The subject of the podcast was a professor figuring out how to recreate the ‘succession’ of a particular pope. Every ruler (who were each played by a student) had someone in mind for the position. It was like Dungeons and Dragons for renaissance history nerds. Continue reading Dealing with people from another era